Where You Are is Where Your Work is Found..

Ever leave church feeling guilty? Or, if you are woman, wake up feeling guilty and go to bed feeling guilty? As a woman I honestly think most of us wake up and wrap ourselves in it. Whether it is over what we ate or didn't eat, how much we worked or didn't work, our time in or out of the gym, the friend we forgot to call or the card that is celebrating a birthday that was last week. Whatever the case my be, I find myself feeling it almost daily..that nagging feeling ...my ugly friend...guilt.

Now don't get me wrong. I think guilt can be a wonderful thing when it acts as a guardrail and bounces us back onto the road before finding real danger. Ever feel paralyzed by what you can't do? After weeks of leaving church feeling guilty about the bible study I couldn't do, the Life Groups we were not able to attend and the millions of events and committees I was not able to serve on I started to feel crippled by always having to say no.

After weeks of being disgruntled over the things I couldn't do my wise and very patient husband made it so clear to me. He said, "why don't you just do those things where you are?" Oh, who knew? You mean, to have a meal ministry you don't have to sign up on a committee at church? And, to have a Life Group, you can create one with those who are experience life in a very similar way and already walking with you in this season of life? Surely it can't be that easy!

In the matter of a few months God has revealed to me an amazing opportunity for my own ministries in my circle of friends and immediate circles of influence. With each small baby step of faith he has confirmed my faithfulness, grown my confidence and multiplied my blessings. Whether it be taking a meal to a friend with a new baby, or a couple in need, I have soon realized that God uses us where we are! And, we are not in that place by chance!

I have been so encouraged by how God is using me in my role as a mother to pour His love out on other mothers. Through my imperfections His glory is shown. If He could use someone like me, He most certainly could use you to be a blessing where you are!

So my question to you is are you paralyzed today in guilt over the many things you feel you can't do? If so, consider this: what if God has allowed you to be in that place for the simple purpose of creating a ministry through you in the midst of the chaos!

What has he laid on your heart? It may not be a Bible Study or a meal ministry. Maybe it is a card. Send the card. Or a phone call. Pick up the phone. There is something, right where you are, that God has pre orchestrated for YOU. In this time, in this space, in this season...he can use YOU, right where you are...that is where your work is found.

It is time to get started.