Unsettled Hope

Let us not become so focused on a donkey or an elephant, that we lose sight of the Lamb. Let us remember that we are, One Nation Under God.

Heaviness. I awoke with heaviness deep in my soul over all that has surrounded this past Tuesday's Presidential election. Swirling thoughts of fear, doubt and uncertainty want to rise up and scream out for attention in my spirit.

However, this post, is not political, I promise.  This post is positional. Each day, I must- want to or not- position myself in a way that I am able to know, that I know, that my hope is not in man (or woman) but that my hope and my strength comes from the Lord. I refuse to give way to fear. I refuse to allow feelings to determine the approach to my day. I refuse to allow darkness to overcome the light. I refuse to allow the way others are speaking and acting towards people with a different opinion to dictate how I will respond.

I find that Christians are remarkable at sharing what they've overcome in the past but struggle to share honestly about what God is in the midst of doing in present circumstances. When Peter was called out onto the water, the  miracle was in the moment! There was no need to wait to be in awe of what God was doing because it was so evident with the first step of faith.

In this transitional time in our country's history, let us not wait to be in awe of what God is doing. Let us not miss what He is doing in the moment because of our focus, posture and position are downcast.

He is the same God, yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is sovereign. He is mighty to save. He is still in control, in charge and on the throne. He didn't need my opinion when He formed the earth, and He doesn't need my opinion now. What He needs, what He requires of me, is to show up, show love, show obedience and show Christ to a world that is desperately looking for someone to Hope in.

Let us stand, united, as One Nation under God, with the position and posture that is found through faith. Let us pick up our heads and run our race.  Let us run with endurance the race that is marked out for us. Let us show kindness, concern for other and care about more than our own opinion. Rise up, pick up your head, and stand. God is faithful and He isn't through with me or you, yet.