Saturday, Beautiful Saturday!

Shopping with mommy. Check out my buggy-bag! Aunt Hayley told mommy to get me one. It is incredible for shopping carts and highchairs.

This morning I went to get Noah from his crib. As soon as I opened his bedroom door, he spit out his pacifier, gave me the biggest smile, and started to clap. What an amazing way to start a Saturday! Daddy headed to the gym this morning and Noah and I went to the Children's Festival at the Dixie Stampede. We saw all of the horses and got to talk to some of the riders. On the way home, we stopped by the Bi-Lo to pick up some groceries. As we were leaving, some firemen were getting into their firetruck. I waved and pointed them out to Noah. They rang the bell on their truck and drove over to us. Noah was very interested until the truck stopped in front of us. Then, he acted unimpressed. The little stinker. I however thought it was great! I enjoy the smallest things in my daily routines now because Noah has made them so much more fun. I see the world through new eyes now - through the eyes of a child.

It is always incredible for me to watch the way people respond to babies. Having a baby in my arms seems to bring out the best in the strangers around me. They open doors, say hello, and smile. What would the world be like if we viewed those around us as "children of God"? Maybe more people would say hello to a stranger, or hold a door open, or simply smile at someone.

God has used this precious child he has given me to show me a glimpse of the love He has for mankind. I cannot describe the love I feel for my baby. Before having Noah, my passion and drive was focused solely on my career and establishing my place in the field of education. Now, I still want to be a teacher who has an impact on this world but know that my legacy will be what kind of mother I am to Noah, what kind of wife I am to my husband, and what glory I will bring to God through the gifts he has given me.

I am so thankful to the God who created me in love. I am more grateful that he has now given me the opportunity to experience the love he feels for me through the love I feel for my child.