How Reading the Bible is like Going to the Gym

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Today I had a great epiphany while in a step class at the gym.For me, going to step class for really the first time in 2 years, was in many ways an illustration of how my life feels to me whenever I get out of the habit of reading the Bible.

The class begins with a basic march in place and I'm feeling great, I got this! Then we do a few other basic moves and again, I feel like, I've got this. Now, comes the actual choreography. Suddenly, I don't feel like I've got it and somehow the class has shifted on some kind of crazy turn-around-step and now the whole class is facing the back of the room. Meaning, I'm now at the front and the instructor is in the back. Two problems here. One, I can no longer see my teacher so I don't even know where to begin. Two, I'm now front and center displaying my lack of understanding to the whole class.

I had two choices quit or smile and march it out. Though I wanted to quit, I decided to humbly march it out while accepting that...I am confidentially uncoordinated and for the first time in my life I was actually comfortable with that.

The truth is I need to see my teacher every step of the way. I need to hear her voice telling me what to do next. And, even with seeing and hearing her steps and commands I still find a way to misstep and look awkward. In her sweet and patient way, she continued to encourage me in the midst of my missteps and marching while the rest of the class was managing pretty well.

This silly little situation illuminated my relationship with Christ many times. The more I go to the gym, the easier the class becomes and the more I recognize the steps and commands. With Christ, the more I seek him, the more I find him. The more I find him, the more I love him. However, in seasons when I am not reading His Word nor interested in seeking His guidance I find myself making many missteps and struggling to keep up with the music of life.

In the midst of all my missteps, I stopped to take a picture to remember how
much I need to hear my teacher's voice and seek my teacher's face.

My eyes must be on my teacher, my God, so my feet will follow. My ears must be able to hear His commands. But seeing and hearing are not enough if I do not know what the commands mean and have never put them into practice. And, much like step is not my physical forte, if I am not in my own lane running the race God has purposed me for I'm never going to find my stride. Sure, step was a great laugh for me today to realize that there was a reason I needed a few libations in college to get out on the dance floor. But, in truth, I'm thankful to find myself really out of place and the lessons I learn while I'm there.

Thank God that in Christ, it isn't about good works, deeds or steps, it is about believing. It is about being still in His presence. Resting in His care is more than enough.