Bringing Life into Focus for the Little One

Over the past few months, I've noticed the little one making adaptations to see things and having a unique desire for all things to be up close and personal! For example, books literally on the tip of his nose, standing inches away from the T.V and bringing his face right up to anything he wanted to observe more closely. I began to recognize that it wasn't just him being cute or inquisitive - he couldn't see! After asking around, I called and made an appointment to see a optometrist in our area that specializes in pediatrics. I was certain he would need reading glasses and on down the road we would go.

The small office was very accommodating for my little tornado of a toddler who thought all things his level were for playing with and all who worked there were there to play with him! They truly were so patient and exceptionally good with him! They had a children's waiting room with a train table and several toys including a Mr. Potato Head. While playing with "Mr. Tater" as he called him, we discovered he had glasses! The little one insisted on bringing his stuffed monkey to the appointment so we took the time to give him an eye exam while we waited. Check out monkey's new purple glasses (borrowed from Mr. Tater head).

After a long afternoon of tests and an eye examination we realized that our little one's vision was far worse than we expected. His prescription is extremely strong (+9) and will need a very thick lens. When someone else looks at a person wearing thick lensed glasses, the eyes appear magnified through the lens. I am some what apprehensive of how the lenses will change his appearance. However, excited that his little world is going to look so differently now! His tolerance for the doctor's office was fading and we decided to return the next day to look at glasses.

He tried on a pair of glasses that fit his face really well, however the lenses were much, much thinner than his prescription will be so it's kind of hard to visualize what they will look like with the correct lens. We also tried on "toddler friendly" (Julbo Brand) lenses that resemble goggles more than glasses. They are extremely durable and have a elastic pull cord (like sunglasses) to keep them on. But, I don't think I'm ready for those....

Anyway, we are going to follow up with his pediatrician just as precaution for his overall health. I am surprised by how upsetting this has been for me. Glasses are glasses, not that big of deal especially considering well, his mom, dad and grandparents all wear them so odds were he would too! But such extremely poor vision, at such a young age, is very concerning for me. I wasn't prepared to hear how bad his eyes were.

All this to say, this process has made my heart ache for families who go through major health issues with their children. Ours, thankfully, is not a major issue but it has still upset me. Good health is such a gift and something that we should give thanks for everyday.