Snack Short Cuts

Now that I have time to actually read and research many other things outside of what I am teaching (because I've decided to stay at home this year), I'm enjoying the world of teaching and parenting blogs. Today I came across a blog with some interesting snack time ideas.The blog that I found is:
On this blog, the author shared timesaving tips on keeping single serve snacks in the fridge. Now, I know this isn't new news to anyone however I've never done it. After seeing her suggestions and thinking about the amount of food we were letting go bad because it wasn't convenient or quick, I decided it was time to cut up the fruits and veggies in our fridge. Here's what I came up! I used some awesome tupperware that I found on sale at Costco a few months back and I lined the bottom of each one with a piece of paper towel because I swear it magically makes things last longer :). Cherries are always difficult to give to my little one because of the seeds (he doesn't get how to eat it without biting the seed - then what to do with the seed) so I just cut them up! My little project was time consuming today (about an hour) but it's raining outside and the next time we want a snack there are all kinds of fruits and veggies washed and cut!