Flashing Lights

I cannot remember how the world looked when I was three feet tall, however I imagine that I may have been better able to notice the vibrance of colors and excitement of things I now overlook.  For example, I think light up shoes are pretty snazzy but I would say that they probably could not entertain me for hours on end or distract me at school because of their brilliance.  I probably wouldn't change the way I walk to appease the firework display of my rubber soles. All in the same time, I know if they had existed (I can't ever remember having light up shoes) there would have been a magical time in my life that the flashing lights glittering the world in reds, blues and whites from my special feet would have captivated me too.
Some may see them as a distraction (been there - as a teacher) however I am starting to see them from a 36 inch perspective as spectacular.

I know that too quickly the little man stomping behind me will cease to be amazed by his flashing lights. Until then, I'm grateful his growth spurts made us try on four different pairs of shoes yesterday before starting our day to realize that he had literally outgrown his shoes overnight. Who knew a growth spurt would be the catalyst for such joy.