Attic Remodel

Advantages to making the decision to become a stay at home mom: endless. One big disadvantage to staying at home: having an entire classroom, acquired over the years, collecting dust in my attic!

The combination of an self diagnosed OCD personality and pregnancy nesting hormones have made it very difficult for me to be content with the mess my attic has become. It has also made it difficult to find books, tools and educational things that I'd like to use with my own son for the lack of not being able to locate much in the mountain of stuff.

After much discussion and preparation we made the decision to finish our attic and remodel the space. We are turning it into an additional living space and organized storage space. The living space will be similar to a little classroom with the intent to be used as a "Study/Homework" room. We had to be creative in the design to make the room flexible enough to "grow" as our needs for the space change over the year. 
The process...  

1.Move contents out of attic - yikes! 

2. Apologize to all potential house guests for having no room in the Inn. As the guest bedroom has turned into a storage unit for the attic remodel.(unable to show picture for fear of being turned into TLC's tv show Hoarders. Use your imagination - it's bad.)

3.Have a Garage Sale's time to clear out some space!

 4. Realize I'm a bit over my head and bring in some help. Began consulting with a brilliant interior designer. 

(A sneak peak of what's coming....built in bookshelves, two built in desks, a window reading nook, storage closets and cabinets.)

5. Finalize blue prints and finishes.

                            The rug, the carpet and the paint finishes.

6. Begin Construction!!! Hooray!

I'll be anxious to post updates along the way. I cannot wait to see the finished room!