Paci Puppy

Pacify. Comfort. Soothe. I guess I  am to blame for my nearly 3 year old still having a pacifier and for his ever changing teeth that continue to tell the world he is a child addicted to a pacifier. Why? The thought of comforting him has been more important to me than doing what I know is best for him. I suppose this is the hard part of parenting when you realize that you are the crutch for something you see in your child that you want to change. It's been so much easier just allowing him to have his "paci" (as he calls it) at night. But my rational is/was two fold. One, it does provide great comfort to him. But, two, it allows me to sleep uninterrupted.

It's been really easy to justify his obsession as just that but when I really think about it, it's equally my hesitation to say goodbye to the last piece of "baby" in him. The truth is his pacifier not only comforted him but also comforted me with the idea that he wasn't growing up as quickly as he is!

I've been asking others for ideas of how they were able to help their kids end their pacifier days. I've heard it all from throwing them away, sending them to children in need, having the doctor take it and the list goes on. However, my sister in law shared an idea with me about putting them inside of a bear at Build a Bear. I loved the idea! Turns out it's a fairly common idea as the girls at Build a Bear said they had made several before.

Noah picked the animal he wanted - a puppy. We stuffed the pacifiers in the arms and feet so he could still feel them then filled him up with stuffing. Noah enjoyed giving his new puppy a bath but decided that he didn't want any clothes for him - only a leash.
Last night was his first night without his pacifier. He cried a little and said he missed his Paci, however he made it through the night. We'll see how it goes...I wanted to hug him and say, "I miss it, too!". But instead, I praised him for being so brave and told him how proud I was of my big boy who is growing up.