Illustrated Faith in Motion - Living & Active Word of God

By: Jenny Abbott Edwards

I love to turn to youtube when I am trying to understand how to do something new. For example, don't laugh...when it had been awhile since I had used the lawn mower and couldn't remember how to start it! I wanted to surprise my husband and do it for him but couldn't figure out how to start the darn thing! Haha. I know. I know. So what's a girl going to do? Youtube it. It had been awhile, ok.  I would love to watch how people illustrate their faith in their Bibles to learn from them so I thought I'd start sharing some of mine. Eventually, I will figure out the time lapse on my phone and maybe one day clear enough memory to actually take a video that shows the completion of the page. But, I'm a work in progress what can I say? We all have to start somewhere, right? So, today we get the first minute with super cute narration by a four year old in the background.

Instead of painting, today I decided to use my new pigmented markers that I found at the store Tuesday Mornings for $6.99! They are called Le Plume Pigmented Dual tip markers by Marvy Uchida. Big fancy name for inexpensive fun markers that I stumble upon in the craft isle at my favorite little odds and ends shop.  I also used my hand lettering guide that can be purchased as a digital download on Valerie Wieners Art.

Be blessed today. In the midst of all the sadness in the news, today I chose to proceed in love and joy. For the joy of the Lord is my strength. It pray it is yours today, too.