Free Online Summer Bible Study - The Armor of God

Are you interested in finding a Bible Study this Summer but don't really have the availability to physically attend one? Lifeway has a solution for you! Beginning on June 9th, they are offering a free online Bible study. It just so happens that they chose Priscilla Shirer's Armor of God study which I was so fortunate to study this Fall. It's free and in the comfort of your own home. That means that you can work it in around your schedule. Although I have already been through the study once, I am thrilled to go through it again! Should you be interested in joining the 20,000 plus women who will be suiting up in the Armor of God this Summer, please go to the here to sign up.

Catalyst Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA 2014

Please note, I am not an affiliate of Lifeway in any way. I just love God and adore Priscilla Shirer! I have had the pleasure of hearing Priscilla in person on a few occasions. Most recently, she was in Mt. Pleasant, SC on her Fervent tour.  As much as I love these pictures that I cherish with my girl Priscilla I have to admit that alas, I do not personally know her, have connections with her or have her on speed dial, lol. Although I wish all of these things were so, unfortunately all I do have is the ability to stand in long lines to meet her and tell her what a blessing she has been in my life!

Fervent Tour, Mt Pleasant, SC 2016

We are thrilled to announce that our online Bible study this summer will be The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer! This study has already had an impact on the lives of many of you and we can’t wait to see even more of you learn how to suit up!
The study will begin on June 9 and go until July 21. We’ll post a video here every Thursday during that time and ask you to participate by answering questions in your group or on our blog or on the private study Facebook page.
To participate in the online study:
  1. Go to your email and add “” to your contacts. This way, our emails are less likely to go to your spam folder.
  2. Fill out the form below to be added to our email list. You will receive a welcome email, but weekly emails will not begin until June 9. The emails are simply reminders to come back here and check the blog.
  3. You’ll need to grab a copy of the The Armor of God Bible study book. You can purchase that here or at your local LifeWay store.
Then you’ll be ready to go!
Our hope for the online Bible studies is not that they’ll replace community in real life. Grab a friend or two or ten and do this study together, using the online videos as a fun addition to your study! If you are studying alone, that’s okay! We are so glad you’re here and hope you find friends and fellowship here.
A note about the Bible study videos: The Armor of God is a video-based Bible study, so there are videos available when you purchase a Leader Kit from your LifeWay Store or Individual-use videos are also available to purchase for download from  The videos for purchase are not the same as the free videos available here on the blog. The videos for purchase are longer (around 40 minutes each) and dive deeper into the topic of each session. They are the videos that go with the viewer guides in the Bible study book. We recommend them if you want to hear more of Priscilla’s teaching and learn even more about the armor of God.
Before you ask (because this is the most frequently asked question): The videos and study pages will stay up forever. We have no plans to take them down. So you can participate any time! If you can’t join in now or get behind, no worries! Come back when you can.