Wash Over Me and My Kitchen Sink

If your house looks anything like mine, you might have a few (or many) dishes in your sink. A counter top may be welcome space for piles. Dropping points for groceries, lunch boxes, school calendars, and papers to send back to school. Your couch may be covered in laundry, your floor  disguised by toys. Or maybe you're a little more gifted in time management and don't have to restart the washer 3 times and dryer twice before completing a load of laundry! I do believe I've solved the mystery of why my laundry is never done. My laundry is stuck in the remedial cycle over and over again. However, we all have that place in our home or our life that we wish we could "tidy" up a little more.

For me, my kitchen sink is one of those places. How on earth two small children, a husband and myself can fill a sink with dirty dishes so many times through the course of a day is mind boggling to me. Rinse, wash, scrub,  repeat.

The other day in the midst of grumbling about being the only one in the house who actually sees the dishes in the sink (forgive me, it's true), I started to realize that maybe there is more to my kitchen sink than meets the eye.

Maybe my sink is a representation of my need for Jesus. It takes just a few moments to move from shiny and clean to piled high in a mess! It's a constant cleansing, washing and WORK just as is my relationship with Christ. He's always there ready to wash over, restore and cleanse me. But, those dishes require me to show up, activate the water to wash them and do the work to carry the task onto completion again and again and again.

So, tired Mama at Target, I see you. Mama-who-looks-far-too-fabulous-this-early-in-the-morning, I see you, too! What do we all have in common? Our kitchen sink. Your's may be spotless and shining, her's may be a mess. But, the sink's job remains the same; to wash over the mess until it restores the serving utensils back to clean, back to what they were made to be - ready to be used for a purpose,  ready to be restored again and again again.

Your Creator is ready to for you, for your mess. For my mess.  He's ready to wash over the mess until He restores His servants back to clean, back to what they were made to be - ready to be used for a purpose with a great passion. His washing is permanent.  His water is living, His well never runs dry.